Hat on a Hat: Lansing Locos

This is going to be a series I plan to do with this blog. “Hat on a Hat.” In football it means to have a guy blocking each person on the defense and in the blog world it means critiquing logos and team names. One of my favorite things in life are minor league baseball hats. The names, the logos, the colors and the effort. All are exciting. So as we go along and I see, or hear about, a new logo or team name, I will come to GTS and give my opinion.

If you have a unique or creative hat/logo that you see out there, let me know. The possibilities are endless.

And with the first installment, I will begin with the Lansing Lugnuts entry into the Copa de la Diversión series, giving a nod to the Latino roots/influence into the game. For four games in 2019, the Lugnuts will become the Lansing Locos.


Logo Quality: 9/10

Simple yet detailed. Some of these logos can get too detailed and busy, some are just plain. This one hits the sweet spot. You instantly know what it is and yet it is not overwhelming. You may think I overanalyze these kinds of things but this is the crap I think about in the first second I see these logos.

Colors: 7/10

These Copa de la Diversión logo/teams are all going to be bright and vibrant. Showing off the hispanic culture and heritage. This one works. Not sure how much of a connection the two main colors have to Lansing or Michigan but they at least work well together.

Creativity: 8/10

Locos is a simple name but I like how this works on a few levels. The Lugnuts are a piece of hardware but they also have a saying, “Let’s go ‘Nuts!” Get it? “Let’s go crazy!” Like loco. So, fitting that with the alliteration and adding in a cuckoo kind of bird, it works on different levels. I like it.

Wearability: 3/5

I like the hat. I like the logo and I like the colors but when a hat is as loud and bright as this, it’s not going to work with a ton of things you are wearing. You have to be wearing a pretty plain black or white outfit to be able to pull off a loud hat like this. You quickly get into Rickie Fowler Puma territory if you try to match the colors.

Overall: 27/35

A very nice start to the series. You can do a lot worse and this will stand as a winner when it is all said and done. Loud, bright, clear and fun, you can’t go wrong with grabbing any Lansing Locos gear this summer. It will be a conversation starter and a nice break from the simple logos you find in the majors.

Lansing Lugnuts Store

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