Welcome, welcome, welcome!

And so it begins.

This is going to be an interesting hobby for me. I am a person that has an opinion. Most of the time my opinion is, “You need to calm down. It’s just entertainment. Enjoy it.”

But then there are times when I just don’t understand what people are thinking. What they are saying. What they truly believe. Especially when it comes to sports.

So this is going to be my outlet to express my opinion and tell you why you are wrong. I will have a place to talk, a place to argue and a place to vent.

I plan to post at least once a day. I want to be consistent, I want to make this a real thing.

I will focus around Michigan sports. Detroit, Wolverines, Spartans, Chippewas….anything worth a shout. I will comment on pop culture and maybe even throw some political jokes in without making it weird. Don’t make it weird people. I like movies, television and music.

So ride along with me as we do this. It should be fun. Let me know what you like and what I need to work on. I want to get good at this. I want to have fun. Have fun with me.


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