Lions Schedule Release: A Prediction

Camp-setup-Detroit-Lions-begin-new-chapter-with-Matt-PatriciaThe NFL released the regular season schedules for every NFL team. I always find it strange the league announces such a thing like three days out and then gets cucked by reporters throughout the day as the schedule leaks. Just drop it like a Beyonce album. No warning. No time for teams to create cool social media videos. “Here’s the schedule. Deal with it.”

Anyways, here’s how the Lions schedule stacks up.


Man, that’s a tough first four weeks. Then an early bye week, never good. Then two months of the NFC North and East? Geez. Finish with a Vikings road game, a snow game in Denver and a Green Bay finale? Yikes.

After I break it all down, look at it every way, I just don’t see how the team will lose a single game. 16-0. Just makes too much sense.

Actually, it is just stupid to look at a schedule 5 months before the season starts and try to figure this out. We have no idea who will be good, no idea who will be bad ad who will be injured. Every year the Lions beat the good teams, lose to the shitty teams…there’s no reason to try. You can look at the Bucs and Giants games and say, “Oh that’s a win.” while their fans are looking at the Lions and saying, “Oh that’s a win.” It’s a waste.

The only thing you can take from the schedule release that is of any substance is the weather. How many snow games are possible? Who do they play on Thanksgiving? How many primetime games? That’s it. Schedule road trips. See what games line up with your dad’s birthday. That’s it.

I am as optimistic of a Lions fan as you can find and I still will wait until a week before the seasons starts to even BEGIN to try to predict things. And even then I’ll be wrong.


PS – Good luck and positive thoughts to Kelly Stafford as she went through brain surgery Wednesday. She has a long road in front of her but we are all there for her.

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