Stephen Gregory Yzerman is Coming Home


It has been rumored. It has been craved. It started to look a little shaky but in the end it will be one of the worst kept secrets in sports. Steve Yzerman will return to the Red Wings as the team’s General Manager. The prodigal son returns.

Sure, he was born in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada but he was made in Detroit, Michigan, United States.


His return has been the dream of Red Wings fans ever since he retired and the team failed to truly compete for Cups anymore. Then they started missing the playoffs and it got desperate.

But now after a 22-year career with the team, a majority of them as the Captain, he comes to the Red Wings with a lot of young talent, a controversial coach under a new extension and a brand new arena.

Will he lead the team to glory again? Hopefully. Is this just another hype filled return like Harbaugh? Definitely. But as people are getting tired of waiting on Harbaugh, it will be interesting to see how much rope Yzerman gets before people start complaining. There will be complaining. When he makes his first trade, or misses out on his first big free agent, or the team fails to make the playoffs in the next two years.

But that’s a worry for a different time. Today is a good day. It’s 4-19-19. It’s Good Friday.

Welcome home, Captain.

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