Hat on a Hat: Louisville Murcielagos

Louisville is the first time the Hat on a Hat series has left the state of Michigan and it is also the first time we have hit the same franchise multiple times, especially in the same week. We highlighted the Mashers and the Mint Juleps earlier this week and now we shift to their choice for the Copa de la Diversion series, the Louisville Murcielagos.


Logo Quality: 7/10

It’s impressive to portray a bat without any sort of wings in the logo. You may not see it as a bat right away but your will soon. The Aztec/Mayan style is engaging and catches the eye. The only drop in score is from the initial confusion but once you know its a bat, you can’t see it as anything else.

Colors: 8/10

I love this. Red gold and black are clean and versatile Could have been easy to just throw the gold logo on an all black hat but the Copa de la Diversion series has a lot of color. Louisville could have went that direction but they go more subtle, but the red pops enough.

Creativity: 7/10

It is simple but perfect. They are celebrating hispanic heritage so what is your team name translated into Spanish? They luck out because a simple name like “Bats” easily shifts to a badass name like “Murcielagos.” Sounds great but the idea was right there for the taking. Just a bummer it’s not the Lamborghini.

Wearability: 5/5

Great design and color scheme makes it fit with any kind of wardrobe. You can wear this everyday or when you want people to notice. It’s fun.

Overall: 27/35

At first, people may think you are wearing something from Legends of the Hidden Temple but in the end, this is a very clean hat and logo with a cool history and backstory. Wear with pride.

Louisville Bats Team Store

All-Time “Hat on a Hat” Rankings

1. Beer City Bung Hammers – 31

2. Derby City Mint Juleps – 28

T3. Lansing Locos – 27

T3. Louisville Murcielagos – 27

T4. Traverse City Pit Spitters – 26

T4. Louisville Mashers – 26

6. Great Lakes Loons (Road) – 25

Rodgers Can’t Finish Half A Beer, Stafford Smokes His Overrated Ass

During the Bucks-Raptors game Thursday night, the Jumbotron cameras found Packers lineman David Bakhtiari who went on to straight chug beers at an impressive rate. They then turned to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers sitting courtside (very far away from any teammates like Bakhtiari) and Rodgers can’t even finish the half beer he has, let alone quickly.

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, it was noticed by the best QB in the NFC North, Kelly Stafford caught her husband’s response to the Rodgers struggle.

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Boom, bitch.


Hat on a Hat: Derby City Mint Juleps

Louisville knows how to market themselves. They have some great alternate logos available so I’m going to hit them three times this week. First we did the Louisville Mashers and now we turn to the Derby City Mint Juleps.


Logo Quality: 8/10

Awesome. You instantly know what it is and it catches the eye. A bit busy and cartoonish to be a perfect score but a winner nonetheless. Never had a mint julep but this makes me thirsty for one.

Colors: 8/10

Again Louisville offers two color sets for their alternate identities and these are much more bold than the Mashers. I personally would go with the green and blue but the pink and gold is even something that seems feminine but I’d wear. Pastels and bold colors are all the rage at the Kentucky Derby. Perfectly appropriate.

Creativity: 8/10

On Monday we looked at the first step in the bourbon lifespan with the Mashers. Now we are later in the timeline with the premiere Louisville cocktail, the Mint Julep. The colors fit the pageantry and again, I love an alcohol themed nickname.

Wearability: 4/5

You are looking to make a statement and catch eyes if you are wearing a hat with this logo so the colors help that. They just make it rough to wear everyday.

Overall: 29/35

We have a new #2. The Mint Juleps jump the Locos for the second highest rated hat in the rankings. This hat is a beaut, a unique, fun logo that you know you aren’t going to be seeing being worn by everybody else. You stand out with this set up without being obnoxious.

Louisville Bats Team Store

All-Time “Hat on a Hat” Rankings

1. Beer City Bung Hammers – 31

2. Derby City Mint Juleps – 28

3. Lansing Locos – 27

T4. Traverse City Pit Spitters – 26

T4. Louisville Mashers – 26

6. Great Lakes Loons (Road) – 25

Hat on a Hat: Louisville Mashers

For the first time in Hat on a Hat history, we are stepping out of Michigan. I had seen the Louisville Bats, alternative logo the “Louisville Mashers” and though it would be a great one to head to next. Then I saw their Copa de la Diversion hat and that is dope. And they have another alternate identity and THAT is sweet. I may have to do all three this week. Hell, even their standard cap is clean.

But first we start with the Mashers.



Logo Quality: 7/10

I like the name and I like the logo. They are in Kentucky, you mash in for bourbon. Kentucky does well with bourbon. Get it? Well this has the corn bag, the barrel and a bat…all used to mash in different ways. It catches the eye and gets the job done.

Colors: 7/10

They offer two colors for caps but I really like the blue and the red. Really makes it pop and stand out. Don’t know what the colors have to do with the team or bourbon but I like it.

Creativity: 8/10

I am a sucker for a food or drink inspired logo/name. Especially alcoholic. I love me some bourbon and the Mashers play off that well as the bourbon capital and make this logo an eye catcher, an ice breaker and a conversation starter. It’s fun, it’s fitting, it works.

Wearability: 4/5

The black and grey work well with anything but the blue and red are a great hat for the summer months. Who doesn’t have blue and red to go with the hat as you hit the beach or a bar?

Overall: 26/35

An overall great cap. Great logo and a fitting style for the local crowd. A winner and we will see if this is even the best hat the team offers in their store. Stay tuned.


Louisville Bats Team Store


All-Time “Hat on a Hat” Rankings

1. Beer City Bung Hammers – 31

2. Lansing Locos – 27

T3. Traverse City Pit Spitters – 26

T3. Louisville Mashers – 26

4. Great Lakes Loons (Road) – 25

Game of Thrones’ Popularity Is Ruining It


Okay. The headline is a bit “click baity,” but it’s true. I don’t mean it in the emo way of, “This show was so cool before it sold out.” I mean it in the “It’s being dissected by everybody, from every angle that it is no longer fun anymore” type of way.

Don’t get it twisted, the show has its flaws. It has been rushed the last two seasons. I don’t know why that is. Do the creators want to just get it over with? Are the actors getting antsy and hard to keep under contract? Is HBO tightening the purse strings? Maybe a bit of all of them.

But this season hasn’t sucked. Season 7 didn’t suck. The reason it seems like they did is because so many people have jumped on the bandwagon. So much time has been between the seasons. It has given more people, more time to just nit pick everything.

You experience a show differently wen you can binge it compared to waiting a week between and reading theories and reviews and opinions on everything. It’s easy to gloss over flaws and bad episodes when you know you are watching a new episode in a couple minutes. But those flaws and episodes shine bright when you have seven days to dissect it.

Every single blog has a Game of Thrones recap. Every podcast network does. Every pop culture website has to have a Game of Thrones crew. Just highlighting and blowing up the inadequacies of that week’s show.

There were flaws in the first five or six seasons There were a lot of key battles and conversations “yada yada’d.” There were boring, nothing happened episodes. There were ridiculous survivals by people that should be dead. There were unbelievably bad strategies and there were unbelievably convenient timing and help coming in the last second. But for some reason people want to act like these are new experiences in the last two seasons.

The biggest flaw of the entire show has been the pacing the last two seasons. They are rushed, especially compared to the first six. But is the pacing really THAT big of a deal where people are going to be disgusted with the episode? Every thing still makes sense.

The characters are acting as expected. You may not like the fact Daenerys burned down Kings Landing after the bells sounded, but you know what? Signs were pointing to her snapping for YEARS. The last few tactics against her were the final straws. You didn’t like how Jaime ghosted Brienne? Well, guess what? Jaime is a dirt bag and obsessed with his sister. WE HAVE ESTABLISHED THIS ALREADY.

Game of Thrones has done questionable things for its entire run but the folks watching it were so invested and tight, they were accepted. Now as the masses have jumped in, everybody wants it to end how they saw it happening. There are 1,000 theories out there on how it would end as we came in to the final season. Somebody had to be right. The deep dives took away any sort of a shock.

I hear a lot of, “If they had only given us a bit more struggle for Dany before she snapped…” or “They didn’t flesh that out enough, it came out of nowhere.” No. It was established, they hinted at it, made you aware of it and now it’s paying off. It’s not their fault you simpletons need to be beaten over the head by a concept before accepting it.

“The Night King and Cersei deaths were so anti-climatic…” WHAT DID YOU WANT? Arya’s assassin training (which I complained for years was boring as hell) finally paid off with a sick move. Cersei spent the entire show wanting to be on the top of the world looking down on her kingdom and instead she died underground with everything she controlled falling down on her. THAT’S POETRY, FOLKS. Would you rather her be just burned as she stood at the window? Stabbed? Her jump to her death? She wasn’t exactly going to get in a sword fight. It was a fitting end.

So, as we head into the final episodes ever, there are going to be a lot of people complaining about this last season. A lot of people will compare it to LOST. But I think over time, it will be kinder to the ending. I think Martin’s finish is going to be a lot closer to the show’s end than people think. I think he will have Dany burn down Kings Landing, he may just build up to it a bit more. So be it.

If you hated this season, please do something for me. Watch the finale. Take a breath and watch the season again. Even if you don’t like it any more than you did, you can respect it. And realize we aren’t going to see a show like this again for a very, very long time.

Albert Pujols Hit A Home Run And We All Got Dumber

Sometimes something innocent comes along and sparks a nationwide discussion that just proves just how dumb we can be as a nation. And also how little problems we really have because we can put so much attention to this nonsense.


Well, anyways, Thursday night Albert Pujols hit a home run. He’s done that a lot. So much so, the home run was his 2,000th career RBI. A fantastic milestone hit by only two other players ever.

And that’s where the fun begins. According to this story by the Detroit News’ Tony Paul, the man who tracked down the milestone home run was a 33-year old law student named Ely Hydes. Other than spelling his name weird, this is where I start to not like this guy. 

As could be expected, the Tigers tracked him down and started negotiating. According to Paul’s story his friends said the negotiations weren’t impressive.

According to Hydes’ friends, the first offer was a Pujols autographed baseball; the second an autographed ball and a meet-and-greet with Pujols; the third a Pujols autographed ball, a meet-and-greet and a Pujols jersey; and the fourth all that, plus some Miguel Cabrera memorabilia.

Hydes stood firm, said he wanted the ball for his soon-to-be born son or his big time Cardinals fan brother. The team came back and said they could not authenticate the ball so it would be worthless if he tried to sell it later. He said he didn’t want money.

Good for him. He didn’t want the payoff, he wanted the heirloom but then the story didn’t end there.

He started getting interviewed by local radio and other news media. He started diving deeper in to his side of things. He went on to say he still has the ball because the Tigers staff was disrespectful and treated like a garbage bag for catching a baseball. 

He has since apparently changed his mind and will give the ball to Pujols or to Cooperstown but it doesn‘t wipe away his decision to overreact and get emotional over a situation like this. 

The Tigers probably always get the fan to agree. They keep upping the offer until the fan gives over the ball. The story is the best part of it all anyway. The times they don’t get the fan to agree, odds are that fan is planning to sell it later for more money. That makes sense. So it makes sense for them to get pissy and tell him it’s not going to work like that. They probably were stern. They probably were rude. But Hydes was also being difficult.

His reaction, his being “treated like a garbage bag” is worthy if they confiscated the ball without any trade. If they kicked him out. Of they assaulted him. They got pissed he wouldn’t give it back. That’s it.Remember that doctor that was screaming as he was dragged off a plane like two years ago? This guy is him, just with a little more dignity.

This has sparked debate online and in comment sections on how ridiculous the Tigers look. They are bullies, they say. Then others are calling this guy a soft loser. Either way, we are all dumber for caring so much. And I’m even worse for writing a post about it.

But as I said, he seems to be changing his mind. I’m sure the deal is gone so it’s just a kind gesture now. The internet shamed him. Even if you are within your rights, just don’t be a douche. The internet doesn’t like douches.

Hat on a Hat: Beer City Bung Hammers

We continue our tour through Michigan with a stop in Comstock Park. This is where we start getting the GREAT logos and team names. It is a popular move by minor league teams to do alter ego teams with creative team names and logos and West Michigan of course went beer themed with the Beer City Bung Hammers.


Logo Quality: 9/10

Just awesome. It is complex but simple at the same time. Some can be too busy when going for a complicated logo like this. The pint glass is hitting a bung with a bung hammer, easy to see and interpret.

Colors: 7/10

Nothing uber-special but they are effective. Black hats always work and the rest of the color scheme just fits accurately for the logo. It’s clean.

Creativity: 10/10

Of course any Grand Rapids based alternate team is going to be beer related. A bung is the cork that goes into a beer or wine barrel, into the bung hole. The bung hammer is used to hit the bung tightly into the bung hole. Got it. It fits with the theme and is absurd enough to catch a laugh and some questions. Plus it’s just great merch for any beer fan.

Wearability: 5/5

As I said above, this will get questions, laughs and looks great. Black always works with everything. You get your money’s worth with a hat like this.

Overall: 31/35

It seems like every minor league team tries to one up the last team with these new alter egos. In 2018, the West Michigan Whitecaps introduced the Bung Hammers for a game and it was a monster success. This is a hat and logo that I’m sure received orders from all over the country, any hat fan, beer fan or Tiger fan would love to have this one.

West Michigan Whitecaps Store


All-Time “Hat on a Hat” Rankings

  1. Beer City Bung Hammers – 31
  2. Lansing Locos – 27
  3. Traverse City Pit Spitters – 26
  4. Great Lakes Loons (Road) – 25

Hat on a Hat: Great Lakes Loons

We broke into Northern Michigan last week with a strong appearance by the TC Pit Spitters and now we start making our way down south again with a stop in Midland. The Los Angeles Dodgers ‘A’ team offers a few different logos for their hats and I decided to start with their road cap.

The hate features the single block letters “GL” for Great Lakes with a majestic Loon taking flight in the background. Hard to be excited to be named after a duck but the Loons pull it off.



Logo Quality: 7/10

I really like simple lettered logos and I think there is a good touch adding the flying loon in the background. It won’t catch a lot of eyes but it is clean and it works.

Colors: 8/10

Sometimes green and red come off too much like Christmas but the black dominates so much, the two colors are just enough to pop and not make you miss December.

Creativity: 5/10

Don’t have to be crazy. This is a logo that just gets the job done and is an everyday wear. What is the team? The Loons. Check. Where do they play? The Great Lakes. Check. Sometimes creativity is in the simplicity.

Wearability: 5/5

This whole series has been bad for my bank account. Now I just want all of these hats. This one is a great every day wearer. It’s not outrageous to be distracting but it is clean enough to be proud to wear.

Overall: 26/35

The early rankings have it falling to last place but again, it’s early. This is still a winning hat to wear but the competition is stiff. This is the best of the hats they offer right now. The simplicity makes it very wearable but doesn’t shock the world.

Great Lakes Loons Store


All-Time “Hat on a Hat” Rankings

  1. Lansing Locos – 27
  2. Traverse City Pit Spitters – 26
  3. Great Lakes Loons – 25