Hat on a Hat: Great Lakes Loons

We broke into Northern Michigan last week with a strong appearance by the TC Pit Spitters and now we start making our way down south again with a stop in Midland. The Los Angeles Dodgers ‘A’ team offers a few different logos for their hats and I decided to start with their road cap.

The hate features the single block letters “GL” for Great Lakes with a majestic Loon taking flight in the background. Hard to be excited to be named after a duck but the Loons pull it off.



Logo Quality: 7/10

I really like simple lettered logos and I think there is a good touch adding the flying loon in the background. It won’t catch a lot of eyes but it is clean and it works.

Colors: 8/10

Sometimes green and red come off too much like Christmas but the black dominates so much, the two colors are just enough to pop and not make you miss December.

Creativity: 5/10

Don’t have to be crazy. This is a logo that just gets the job done and is an everyday wear. What is the team? The Loons. Check. Where do they play? The Great Lakes. Check. Sometimes creativity is in the simplicity.

Wearability: 5/5

This whole series has been bad for my bank account. Now I just want all of these hats. This one is a great every day wearer. It’s not outrageous to be distracting but it is clean enough to be proud to wear.

Overall: 26/35

The early rankings have it falling to last place but again, it’s early. This is still a winning hat to wear but the competition is stiff. This is the best of the hats they offer right now. The simplicity makes it very wearable but doesn’t shock the world.

Great Lakes Loons Store


All-Time “Hat on a Hat” Rankings

  1. Lansing Locos – 27
  2. Traverse City Pit Spitters – 26
  3. Great Lakes Loons – 25

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