Game of Thrones’ Popularity Is Ruining It


Okay. The headline is a bit “click baity,” but it’s true. I don’t mean it in the emo way of, “This show was so cool before it sold out.” I mean it in the “It’s being dissected by everybody, from every angle that it is no longer fun anymore” type of way.

Don’t get it twisted, the show has its flaws. It has been rushed the last two seasons. I don’t know why that is. Do the creators want to just get it over with? Are the actors getting antsy and hard to keep under contract? Is HBO tightening the purse strings? Maybe a bit of all of them.

But this season hasn’t sucked. Season 7 didn’t suck. The reason it seems like they did is because so many people have jumped on the bandwagon. So much time has been between the seasons. It has given more people, more time to just nit pick everything.

You experience a show differently wen you can binge it compared to waiting a week between and reading theories and reviews and opinions on everything. It’s easy to gloss over flaws and bad episodes when you know you are watching a new episode in a couple minutes. But those flaws and episodes shine bright when you have seven days to dissect it.

Every single blog has a Game of Thrones recap. Every podcast network does. Every pop culture website has to have a Game of Thrones crew. Just highlighting and blowing up the inadequacies of that week’s show.

There were flaws in the first five or six seasons There were a lot of key battles and conversations “yada yada’d.” There were boring, nothing happened episodes. There were ridiculous survivals by people that should be dead. There were unbelievably bad strategies and there were unbelievably convenient timing and help coming in the last second. But for some reason people want to act like these are new experiences in the last two seasons.

The biggest flaw of the entire show has been the pacing the last two seasons. They are rushed, especially compared to the first six. But is the pacing really THAT big of a deal where people are going to be disgusted with the episode? Every thing still makes sense.

The characters are acting as expected. You may not like the fact Daenerys burned down Kings Landing after the bells sounded, but you know what? Signs were pointing to her snapping for YEARS. The last few tactics against her were the final straws. You didn’t like how Jaime ghosted Brienne? Well, guess what? Jaime is a dirt bag and obsessed with his sister. WE HAVE ESTABLISHED THIS ALREADY.

Game of Thrones has done questionable things for its entire run but the folks watching it were so invested and tight, they were accepted. Now as the masses have jumped in, everybody wants it to end how they saw it happening. There are 1,000 theories out there on how it would end as we came in to the final season. Somebody had to be right. The deep dives took away any sort of a shock.

I hear a lot of, “If they had only given us a bit more struggle for Dany before she snapped…” or “They didn’t flesh that out enough, it came out of nowhere.” No. It was established, they hinted at it, made you aware of it and now it’s paying off. It’s not their fault you simpletons need to be beaten over the head by a concept before accepting it.

“The Night King and Cersei deaths were so anti-climatic…” WHAT DID YOU WANT? Arya’s assassin training (which I complained for years was boring as hell) finally paid off with a sick move. Cersei spent the entire show wanting to be on the top of the world looking down on her kingdom and instead she died underground with everything she controlled falling down on her. THAT’S POETRY, FOLKS. Would you rather her be just burned as she stood at the window? Stabbed? Her jump to her death? She wasn’t exactly going to get in a sword fight. It was a fitting end.

So, as we head into the final episodes ever, there are going to be a lot of people complaining about this last season. A lot of people will compare it to LOST. But I think over time, it will be kinder to the ending. I think Martin’s finish is going to be a lot closer to the show’s end than people think. I think he will have Dany burn down Kings Landing, he may just build up to it a bit more. So be it.

If you hated this season, please do something for me. Watch the finale. Take a breath and watch the season again. Even if you don’t like it any more than you did, you can respect it. And realize we aren’t going to see a show like this again for a very, very long time.

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