Hat on a Hat: Louisville Murcielagos

Louisville is the first time the Hat on a Hat series has left the state of Michigan and it is also the first time we have hit the same franchise multiple times, especially in the same week. We highlighted the Mashers and the Mint Juleps earlier this week and now we shift to their choice for the Copa de la Diversion series, the Louisville Murcielagos.


Logo Quality: 7/10

It’s impressive to portray a bat without any sort of wings in the logo. You may not see it as a bat right away but your will soon. The Aztec/Mayan style is engaging and catches the eye. The only drop in score is from the initial confusion but once you know its a bat, you can’t see it as anything else.

Colors: 8/10

I love this. Red gold and black are clean and versatile Could have been easy to just throw the gold logo on an all black hat but the Copa de la Diversion series has a lot of color. Louisville could have went that direction but they go more subtle, but the red pops enough.

Creativity: 7/10

It is simple but perfect. They are celebrating hispanic heritage so what is your team name translated into Spanish? They luck out because a simple name like “Bats” easily shifts to a badass name like “Murcielagos.” Sounds great but the idea was right there for the taking. Just a bummer it’s not the Lamborghini.

Wearability: 5/5

Great design and color scheme makes it fit with any kind of wardrobe. You can wear this everyday or when you want people to notice. It’s fun.

Overall: 27/35

At first, people may think you are wearing something from Legends of the Hidden Temple but in the end, this is a very clean hat and logo with a cool history and backstory. Wear with pride.

Louisville Bats Team Store

All-Time “Hat on a Hat” Rankings

1. Beer City Bung Hammers – 31

2. Derby City Mint Juleps – 28

T3. Lansing Locos – 27

T3. Louisville Murcielagos – 27

T4. Traverse City Pit Spitters – 26

T4. Louisville Mashers – 26

6. Great Lakes Loons (Road) – 25

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