Hat on a Hat: Wisconsin Brats

The Udder Tuggers hat release shocked me so much and caught my eye, I figured we’d finish out the Timber Rattler offerings this week. Wisconsin is known for a few things, beer, dairy and brats. Brewers already handle most of the beer swag, so it’s up to the Timber Rattlers (already a dope name) to pay homage to the rest of the state’s offerings.


Logo Quality: 6/10

It’s well made, just not much to it. The mustard is a nice touch, the sauerkraut(?) looks like cheese or hashed browns. Looks delicious and worth a chuckle but not overly attractive.

Colors: 5/10

Green and brown mustard? Okay. I think I prefer the all-green 2018 version more than the two panel 2019 version but not by much. Dirty Packer colors.

Creativity: 6/10

As I have said before, I am a sucker for food and drink related logos and identities. ThisGreenBratmanHat_500 one is fun, I like brats. But that’s all this is. A brat on a bun. They do have another Brats logo available on FlexFit hats, but I only deal with fitted on here (7 3/4 if anybody is offering) so it doesn’t count but may be a better logo.


Wearability: 2/5

I like the effort but just could not see myself wearing it unless at a game, in Wisconsin or at a German festival. That’s only like 30 incidences a year for me, not enough action.

Overall: 19/35

The score looks worse because it is so much lower than the others so far BUT of course as we start this venture, we are going to start with greats. This fun idea will fall more in line with others as we go.

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Team Store

 All-Time “Hat on a Hat” Rankings

1. Wisconsin Udder Tuggers – 33

2. Beer City Bung Hammers – 31

3. Derby City Mint Juleps – 28

T4. Lansing Locos – 27

T4. Louisville Murcielagos – 27

T6. Traverse City Pit Spitters – 26

T6. Louisville Mashers – 26

7. Great Lakes Loons (Road) – 25

8. Wisconsin Brats – 19

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