Hat on a Hat: West Michigan Calaveras

We continue our bounceback week focused on West Michigan and today we dip back into the Copa de la Diversion set with the Whitecaps offering, the West Michigan Calaveras.



Logo Quality: 5/10

It looks fine but as I will explain below, I don’t really get it.

Colors: 7/10

Best part about the hat. Sticks wth the theme and really stands out. Good summer hat. Fun and eye catching.

Creativity: 4/10

I don’t get it. Most of the Copa de la Diversion hats seem to have a local tie or a hispanic twist on the normal team name. Calaveras means “skulls.” So, like they are white and the cap to the brain so they are Whitecaps? Even then, the waves under the skull make it look like a ghost, which confuses even more.

Wearability: 3/5

Doesn’t go with much because the colors are so loud but it’s not offensive. Looks sharp and unique.

Overall: 19/35

When MILB announced the Copa de la Diversion, I saw a few from a bunch of teams and LOVED them and the concept. I quickly searched for the Whitecaps’ version and was pretty disappointed. DIdn’t seem as fun and creative as others. Not West Michigan’s best offering but hey, they have crushed it elsewhere.

West Michigan Whitecaps Team Store

 All-Time “Hat on a Hat” Rankings

1. Wisconsin Udder Tuggers – 33

2. Beer City Bung Hammers – 31

3. Derby City Mint Juleps – 28

T4. Lansing Locos – 27

T4. Louisville Murcielagos – 27

T6. Traverse City Pit Spitters – 26

T6. Louisville Mashers – 26

8. Great Lakes Loons (Road) – 25

9. West Michigan Whitecaps – 22

T10. West Michigan Calaveras – 19

T10. Wisconsin Brats – 19

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