Trubisky Tries, Fails to Beat Stafford in Beer Chug

Okay, yes, it is great to see Aaron Rodgers fail at something compared to his biggest rivals. It’s fun to see him fail at something so American as a beer chug. Mitch Trubisky KILLED him.

But let’s not forget, Matthew Stafford still beat Trubisky WHILE DRINKING MORE BEER. That fact seems to be forgotten tonight.

Stafford is once getting overlooked. Just like when he threw for 5,000 yards and 41 TDs in 2011 and didn’t make the Pro Bowl. Look at this disrespect all over Twitter.

But, that’s why it is Detroit vs. Everybody, today and always.

Rodgers Can’t Finish Half A Beer, Stafford Smokes His Overrated Ass

During the Bucks-Raptors game Thursday night, the Jumbotron cameras found Packers lineman David Bakhtiari who went on to straight chug beers at an impressive rate. They then turned to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers sitting courtside (very far away from any teammates like Bakhtiari) and Rodgers can’t even finish the half beer he has, let alone quickly.

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, it was noticed by the best QB in the NFC North, Kelly Stafford caught her husband’s response to the Rodgers struggle.

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Boom, bitch.